Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE)

Diesel and General operate a 24 hour emergency response service. All staff, are available at any time to attend to a fuel leak, fuel spillage or environmental hazard caused by an accident or natural disaster. We hold at all times emergency response equipment for detection, containment and clean up of oil or fuel spills, both on ground or in water ways.

Diesel and General's staff are qualified and experienced in the removal of underground and above ground fuel storage systems. We can make safe and remove electrical connections and cathodic protection systems. We excavate, uplift and remove tanks and tank slabs. Reinstate sites following removal and assist with the transportation of removed tanks on request. We take care of any contaminated soil or fuel disposal requirements.

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy

Diesel and General believes that responsible management of HSSE concerns is an integral part of its business ethic. Through strategic management of HSSE, commitment to our mission, vision and values and by a culture of HSSE awareness and responsibility, we strive to:

  • Apply sound HSSE management principles and operating practices;
  • Protect health, promote safety of personnel, customers and the community and create environmental awareness and protect the environment;
  • Be alert to customers need, technological advancements and socio-economic priorities;
  • Reduce hazards and potential hazards in our company to as low as reasonable practicable; and
  • Minimise any detrimental impact our business may have on society

Our policy in this regard is therefore to:

  1. Provide a safe and healthy working environment for the well being of our employees and their families, through staff participation and ownership of health and safety responsibilities.
  2. Ensure that the health and safety of the public and neighboring communities is not compromised by our operations.
  3. Meet corporate requirements by complying with HSSE laws and regulations, conducting business according to recognised standards for our type of industry, and committing the necessary resources.
  4. Build and maintain a constructive relationship with regulatory authorities, meet all operating permit and license obligations and provide prompt advice on relevant issues.
  5. Commit ourselves to sub-contractor health and safety during their tenure with us and enforce standards and procedures laid down by us as a minimum code of conduct for sub-contractors and third parties.

To achieve these objectives, We undertake to:

  1. Motivate, educate and train employees to assume ownership of health, safety and environmental issues, and in this way to accept the implications of their actions on health, safety and environmental issues.
  2. Endeavor to keep the public informed about our operations through communication.
  3. Focus on application of appropriate HSSE standards, including fire protection, good operating practices and sound management principles, to ensure that all possible measures are taken to minimise losses and avoid accidents.
  4. Promote health and safety awareness among sub-contractors and to re-enforce responsible behavior and practices that should be followed when performing work for us.
  5. Enlist the commitment of all staff to comply with the Act and Regulations to manage and counter the hazards of our business through well practiced HSSE programmes.
  6. Make sub-contractors aware of their obligation regarding education and training in HSSE matters, supporting their efforts where appropriate.
  7. Co-operate with professional bodies in formulating HSSE standards, with the intent of making these realistic while achieving a fair balance between HSSE priorities and economic realities.